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Research in Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Abbreviated Title: Research in Intellectual Prope
Catalog Number: 5956
1.0 Credit

The goal of this one-credit course is to provide an overview of the tools and methodologies needed to conduct effective research in Intellectual Property legal issues and practice challenges. Note that the description is not limited to legal research as IP research often requires practical, non-legal research to identify existing intellectual property, its owners, licensees, and assignees, similar concepts and property such as “prior art” in Patent Law. The course will meet each week of the semester for one 50 minute class session. Additional time will be used in library lab sessions and work on research projects. While this course is not (yet) approved as part of the IP certificate program, it is intended to complement our IP courses and be of particular benefit to our IP certificate students. Course evaluation: Students will use a series of hypothetical cases and conduct research on questions relating to the three main areas of the course, copyright, patent and trademark. Specific questions may overlap between different areas of the course and may involve international IP issues and resources. Students will complete three short written “memo-style” papers to identify research issues and resources to address the particular questions. The papers will be evaluated on the quality and accuracy of the research issues and resources identified.

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