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Research in Environmental Law and Practice

Abbreviated Title: Research in Environmental Law
Catalog Number: 5942
1.0 Credit

This one credit course will cover methods and sources for both legal and non-legal research in Environment law and practice issues. The course will cover basic research strategies and the evaluation of materials in both print and electronic format. Topics will include review of major environmental statutes, the environmental regulatory regime, use of specialized resources including looseleaf services and specialized reporters, non-legal research in areas including public policy, economics, social sciences and science, and research on International environmental law. The course meets once a week (for a 50 minute class session) for fourteen weeks, some sessions may involve hands-on work in the library. Evaluation will be through a series of three or four short assignments, testing the students’ ability to appropriate research resources and address particular questions. Instructors for the course will be: Prof. George Pike, Director, Barco Law Library; Linda Tashbook, Foreign, Comparative and International Services Librarian; Marc Silverman, Assistant Director Public Services; Linda Tashbook, Electronic Information Services Librarian and Valerie Weis, Faculty Services Library, Reference Librarian. While this course will not (initially) be part of the Environmental Certificate and no prerequisite is required, students from the Environmental Certificate program will be encouraged to attend.

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