University of Pittsburgh

Lawyering Process II: Negotiation

Abbreviated Title: Legal Negotiation
Catalog Number: 5428
2.0 Credits
Priority: Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
Catalog Requirements: Professional Skills.

This clinically-structured course is designed to provide students with theoretical understanding of and significant practical experience in the fundamental skills of legal negotiation. Several distinctive negotiation approaches/models are examined and important issues impacting all negotiations are explored in detail through lectures, discussions and readings from texts and materials.  Instructional videotaped programs showing lawyers engaged in negotiation will highlight the different approaches and demonstrate the widely divergent degrees of effectiveness reflected by professionals.  In terms of student skills practice, three types of exercise will be utilized:  in-class negotiation, out-of-class negotiation, and videotaped negotiation. Students will prepare written pre-negotiation strategy/plans and post-negotiation assessments in several exercises. Consistent attendance is required in order to insure the effectiveness of class simulated exercises.

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