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Civil Practice Clinic - Health Law

Abbreviated Title: Civil Practice Clinic - Health
Catalog Number: 5393
7.0 Credits
Priority: Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
Offering Frequency: Every semester
Catalog Requirements: Professional Skills.

The Civil Practice Clinics offer students who have completed three semesters of law school an opportunity to represent clients and develop practical lawyering skills. Students enrolled in the Clinics are certified to practice law and take primary responsibility for client representation under the supervision of their faculty/supervising attorneys.

Health Law Clinic students represent their clients at all stages of seeking disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.  Students also represent clients in Orphans’ Court in guardianship cases and in the US District Court on health related matters. They interview clients initially and if the case is accepted, proceed to gather and interpret evidence, develop case theory, prepare hearing memoranda, and represent clients at hearings or in court.

The classroom component is an integral part of the Clinic experience and consist of a series of lectures and discussions focusing on substantive law, policy, and practical skills training. Classroom simulations are designed to ready students for client work, and include an ADR exercise. The skills component of the course is taught in tandem with the Elder Law Clinic. Students may work in teams of two.

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