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Expert Witness

Catalog Number: 5295
2.0 Credits
Priority: Departmental Consent
Catalog Requirements: Professional Skills.
Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the enrollment info for the section or contact the Registrar for more information.

In recent years, the use of expert witnesses has proliferated as both civil and criminal litigation have become more complex and technical. In this course, students will learn when expert testimony is needed; where to find appropriate experts; how to work with the expert to develop a theory of the case; and many more issues leading up to the actual trial of the case. Once the case reaches the courtroom, students will learn how to organize and present their own expert's testimony in a clear and concise fashion, and how to pursue the challenging task of "doing battle" with the opposing expert. In the end, students will achieve a greater appreciation for the subtleties of expert testimony, while at the same time acquiring the tools to deal with witnesses who speak in technical and unfamiliar language.

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