University of Pittsburgh

Advanced Trial Evidence

Catalog Number: 5223
2.0 Credits
Priority: Departmental Consent
Catalog Requirements: "W" Writing, Professional Skills.
Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the enrollment info for the section or contact the Registrar for more information.

This course will focus on evidentiary issues that arise frequently in trials. Each week a vignette or series of vignettes, which address common trial evidence situations, will be assigned. The vignettes will be based on case files, in order to provide continuity throughout the course and for students to see the impact of evidentiary rulings on continuing cases.

Each student will be responsible for weekly written assignments, which may include motions in limine or outlines of direct and/or cross-examination of the witness(es) for vignettes(s). Each student will also be responsible for preparing to offer timely and well-stated objections to the evidence sought to be introduced. Students will be required to understand the rationale for both the introduction of evidence and the objections thereto.

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