University of Pittsburgh
Term: Fall Term 2012-13 (2131)
Catalog Number: 5338
Class Number: 20541
Room: LAW G13.
Class Schedule:
  • TH 3:30 pm -5:20 pm
  • Instructor: Blaine Lucas
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 2.0 Credits
    Enrollment Limit: 20.
    Priority: General Enrollment Course

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5338


    Students will be expected to complete all required readings. Grades will be based on the following: 1. General class participation (10%) - frequency and quality of participation and preparation for class. 2. Writing project (60%) - students will have the choice of one of the following two writing projects: a. Zoning Board Project - The student will be expected to attend a selected local zoning board hearing, review exhibits and legal materials submitted in connection with that hearing, and prior to the zoning board's decision, prepare his or her own findings of fact and conclusions of law. The student will then be expected to make a presentation to the class which, if the zoning board has rendered its decision, will include a comparative analysis of the student's proposed decision and that of the zoning board. b. Paper - The student will be provided with the briefs from a pending Pennsylvania court appeal involving a significant land use issue. The student will be expected to prepare written decisions as if he or she were a judicial court clerk. Each student will be expected to make a brief class presentation concerning the written decision. 3. Periodic in-class analysis of assigned hypothetical land use problems. (30%)

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